Medical Kit

Yacht Medical Staff (professional doctors on yacht)

The doctors on board (by your side) On your holidays

Medical Kit

Private cruising vessels around the world require comprehensive medical kits in case of medical emergencies or problems in remote locations.

Our Private Ocean Medkit or Short range Medkit will give you the peace of mind of being well equipped and prepared for any situation that may arise.

The kit can be expanded to include oxygen, defibrillators and various custom kits depending on the crew’s activities.


“Many of our clients are looking for a short-term medical staffing solution,”

“As our customers travel throughout the Mediterranean and may participate in high-adrenaline sports as well as more dangerous activities, or there may be a guest who requires additional medical care, there is now the option to add a doctor on board for a period of time.”

Also this service is of particular interest to superyachts over 40 meters who intend to cruise from a distance, and to charter yachts that may have guests with certain medical conditions and wish to have a medical professional just in case.


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Doctor in Yacht

Responding to the growing requests for temporary medical staff on board superyachts, MedAire offers a service that provides placement of medical staff.

Medical Kit

YMS supplies medical kits that are in compliance with Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and with various flag registration and regulations followed.

Telemedical Support

The sea is a unique and challenging environment where care must be provided in the event of an acute medical incident. 

Yacht Medical Staff (professional doctors on yacht)

The doctors on board (by your side) On your holidays

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